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Hiring a nanny can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process as efforts to find the right caregiver for your child often result in awkward interviews and unanswered questions surrounding the applicants’ background or experience. References may be phony or may simply not corroborate information given by a seemingly charming applicant. For this reason, South Bay Nannies is continuously screening, interviewing and reference checking all applicants:

South Bay Nannies Recruitment Process

  1. Pre-screening of applicant to verify legal status. Copies of ID and digital photograph taken.
  2. English proficiency tested.
  3. Application forms completed with applicant.
  4. In-depth interview.
  5. References verified and specific feedback recorded.  
  6. Applicant accepted / disqualified for possible interview with family.

Family Hiring Process

  1. Thorough Family Needs Assessment conducted either by telephone or in person.
  2. Family to read, sign and return South Bay Nannies Service Agreement.
  3. South Bay Nannies short lists applicants for family interview according to Family Needs Assessment.
  4. Family interviews short listed applicants.
  5. Final selection of suitable applicant.

Post selection activities

  1. Preliminary background check, including Criminal Record and Driving Record.
  2. Mandatory registration of nanny with Trustline. All trustline applicants will be cleared through the Department of Social Services.
  3. CPR certification.
  4. Tuberculosis testing.